The Victor Hugo Hall has been transformed into Luxembourg's first vaccination centre, ready to open its doors as soon as the vaccine has been given green light by the European Medicines Agency.

80 people from the army, customs and the CGDIS gathered at Victor Hugo on Wednesday afternoon to simulate the vaccination process as realistically as possible. Infrastructures have been set up for the past two weeks, and RTL was given an exclusive insight into the procedure.

Following the registration desk, patients are sent into a hall with 16 vaccination booths. Before the vaccine is administered, however, patients first meet with a doctor. The professional will verify the patient's identity and ensure it is safe for the person to receive the vaccine.

Patients are then given the shot. A resting space has been set up for those individuals willing to take a moment after they are given the vaccine. In total, 55 people are needed to ensure the smooth process of vaccinating patients.

Test run at the first vaccination centre (video in Luxembourgish)
E Mëttwoch sinn d'Impf-Olfleef eng éischte Kéier duerchgespillt ginn. Mir kruten en exklusiven Abléck an déi éischt Testronn um Lampertsbierg.

How long the vaccination centre will remain open will largely depend on the quantity of vaccines Luxembourg gets delivered, and when the first shots are available. The European Medicines Agency is expected to make a statement about the distribution of vaccines on Monday.

But for the centre to open before mid-January is most unlikely. The first invitations can only be sent out once the vaccine is available within Luxembourg, followed by a two-week period to get everything set up.

Should the vaccine arrive in December, however, mobile units may already head to care homes to start administering the shot on site. Hospital care staff would also be first in line and be served at their workplace.

Minister of Health Paulette Lenert does not rule out EU citizens receiving vaccinations before the end of the year, but it is too early still to fix a date for the Grand Duchy.