A message from Luxembourg's prime minister was prerecorded and streamed during the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

It is tradition that heads of state get a chance to address the United Nations during the general assembly. Due to the pandemic, the 75th edition was however mainly composed of prerecorded and streamed messages. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel also prepared a speech for the occasion, in which he addressed the impacts of Covid-19 on both the society and the individual:

"The crisis has reached every corner of the world and put limitations on some of our most sacred values: personal liberty, free circulation of citizens and goods, and the functioning of our health sectors. Not to speak of the numerous ethical issues, which most of us never had to face in our lifetimes."

Bettel further acknowledged that as well as international tensions, there have also been important moments of cooperation, most notably in the domain of scientific research. He therefore expressed his confidence that these collaborative efforts would eventually be rewarded with an efficient vaccine that would bring an end to the pandemic.

Bettel concluded his speech by issuing a warning of the rising tendencies that question the multilateral cooperation between nations, noting that the Grand Duchy would continue to trust in the rule of law and state sovereignty, two principles that should not oppose each other in any way.