Although coronavirus numbers in Luxembourg are currently considered to be steady, a new rise of infections could occur at all times.

September could bring a new rise of infections since the collective leave period has come to an end and many people are returning from holidays abroad. "Research Luxembourg" published new findings that indicate a potential rise of new infections ranging between 30 and even 70% by mid September. The analysis was published on Monday by the Covid-19 task force.

During the past three weeks, the country had 44 new cases per day on average. The overall reproduction rate experienced a small increase last week, placing it around 1. The scientists of the Covid-19 task force therefore estimate that the country could face a third wave in September, given that people will increase their contacts again upon returning to Luxembourg.

"Research Luxembourg" thus remind people of the importance of keeping safety distances, wearing face masks, and regular washing of hands. Volunteer testing should furthermore be supported as well as contact tracing in cases of positive test results.