The National Health Laboratory (LNS) and the Directorate of Health regularly monitor the presence of influenza in the country.

Not one of the 1,027 samples collected from GPs between October 2019 and February 2020 and analysed during the last weeks of this time period for Sars-CoV-2 came back positive. This means that there is currently no proof that the virus was already in circulation in Luxembourg before the first official case was announced on 29 February.

The National Health Laboratory's results show a low circulation of the new coronavirus between October and February. However, a few isolated cases cannot be excluded.

The LNS is constantly performing analyses on the characteristics of the virus. In particular, researchers have discovered a variant of Covid-19 which is more easily transmissible and currently in circulation in Luxembourg. 99% of the analysed virus samples are actually variants of the European strain.

Testing capacities have again been strengthened over the past weeks. The different facilities are now notably equipped with new machines which are able to carry out tests automatically. Up to 3,000 PCR tests can be performed in order to detect infections. The LNS is also in the process of expanding its capacities in order to offer blood tests which will be able to analyse the production of antibodies in tested individuals.