Luxembourg has faced an unprecedented few months. 'Duke's Day Celebrations' were subdued this year, with no large scale parties currently allowed. Public engagements were still required albeit with measures in place to ensure social distancing.

Grand Duke Henri, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, and Chamber president Fernand Etgen were all present to commemorate the Luxembourgish national day on Tuesday morning.

Here is a massive photo gallery for those who were unable to attend or missed the live stream.

Grand Duke Henri used the opportunity to underline a series of positive moments: governmental efficiency, cooperation and civility between parties, relentless efforts by essential workers, and social solidarity throughout the country.

Xavier Bettel said "These are exceptional times and we have learned a lot over recent months. We should now try to remember and maintain the positive aspects."

Fernand Etgen, president of the chamber of deputies used his speech to underline the country's moments of solidarity, both in war times and now in face of a pandemic.

Read the full speeches here

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