On Wednesday the second day of a trial against a former policeman took place. The man is suspected of having killed his sister and her husband.

The ex-policeman accused of double murder used the password "Geldgäil" ("money hungry") for his account on a darknet forum in 2016.

This was one piece of information provided on the second day of the trial held at the court in Luxembourg City.

The man is suspected of having poisoned his sister and her husband with cyanide in Bereldange in 2016.
On Wednesday, the court heard an investigator from the general inspectorate of the police who mainly focused on providing information about the case.

At the end of his report, the policeman presented a timeline of the events that occurred. According to this timeline, the accused started researching "deadly poisons", "ways to kill someone", and "the perfect murder method" online in June 2016, three months before the death of his sister and her husband.

The accused is alleged to have registered an account on a darknet forum. The man is then believed to have purchased poison on this forum in August and narcotics in September before he told his sister on 20 September that he would cook for her and her husband five days later.

The investigator stated that when it comes to the suspect's darknet activities, a total of 48 web addresses were discovered but only one forum was of interest.

On this particular forum, the accused is alleged to have inquired about a type of poison which could not easily be detected during an autopsy. He then allegedly also asked where he could order this poison.

The accused is suspected to have been a member on the site since August 2016 and it is also believed that he bought three items in two transactions: one unit of poison and two units of narcotics.

After the platform was taken down in July 2017 and the FBI seized the site's servers, the police received information from Germany that a seller had been trading with cyanide. The ex-policeman stated in front of the examining magistrate that he had bought products from this individual.

The FBI then provided the necessary information pertaining to the transaction between the accused and the seller.

The trial will continue on Thursday afternoon.