While restaurants and terraces have now been officially able to welcome guests again for a few days, there are a number of rules customers should be aware of. Police also announced that they would monitor the situation closely.

The reopening of terraces and restaurants has been welcomed by large parts of the population as great news. Life has seemingly returned to the Grand-Duchy over the past days.

While some businesses managed to apply the new rules imposed by the government rather seamlessly, some confusion still remains as to how you should behave when you visit a restaurant or a terrace.

When do you need to wear a face mask? Is it possible to have more than 4 people sit at the same table? Can you still order something, even if you are not sitting down? Here a brief summary of the Police’s answers to these questions:


It is currently not allowed to eat or drink in a bar or restaurant, if you are not sitting down at a table.


The current rules allow only four people to sit at the same table, except if all of the guests on that table live together in the same household. This is the only exception to this rule.


“If the customer is not sitting down at the table, he is obligated to wear a face mask”. This means that if you are leaving your table and move around in the bar or restaurant, you have to wear a face mask.

This also applies to entering and leaving the establishment.


The Prime Minister announced last week that all bars and restaurants have to close at midnight with no exceptions to this rule.

Customers have to respect this rule and may risk a fine, if they are caught attempting to stretch out the party.


© Police

Customers as well as bars and restaurants have to respect these rules during the current phase of exiting the lockdown.

Owners of bars and restaurants also have to respect additional regulations, e.g. minimum distance of 1.5 m between tables or, if not possible, Perspex discs between tables, obligation for all staff members directly in contact with customers to wear face masks…etc

Police has announced that they will conduct regular checks and will take appropriate action against owners and customers, if they are caught violating any of the new rules.

According to the Grand Ducal regulation, culprits risk a fine amounting anywhere from between 25 and 500 euros.