The government has introduced two bills in order to extend the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, after the state of emergency ends on 23 June.

Legislative bills are being drafted for the period following the end of the state of emergency, in order to regulate measures such as the obligation to wear a mask or restrictions on gatherings. Both laws will have a validity period limited to one month, with the possibility of an extension.

Although there is a fundamental consensus in the Chamber of Deputies between MPs, certain points are still subject to discussion. Among these are the re-opening of children's play areas, or the precise procedure for placing a person in quarantine. MPs on the health committee are set to examine the bills on Tuesday.

On Friday, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel tabled three draft bills: one to transpose into law the current health rules decided during the state of crisis, another to fix the social and economic support measures, and the third to mark the end of the state of emergency.

Work will continue on Wednesday with members of the Health and Justice Commissions.