The health crisis has put a strain on police resources in the Grand Duchy. Minister François Bausch said jobs could open up for other EU nationals, following difficulty in finding new recruits.

During a consultation debate on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies, Bausch raised several options for police reform, notably to tackle the issue of recruitment.

The minister explained there was a chronic shortage of personnel in the police force, which has not yet been resolved and is having knock-on effects on the daily functions of the police.

In particular, the coronavirus crisis has put a heavy strain on police resources, showing that recruitment must be at the top of the priority list.

Organisational issues have increased in recent years, particularly in rural regions affected by the reorganisation of the territory. Members of the opposition agreed these could be resolved by employing new staff, citing concerns that there were not sufficient police officers to cover the tasks required of them.

EU nationals in the Grand Ducal police?

Green Party MP Stéphanie Empain queried whether candidates of other nationalities could be considered, provided the knowledge of the Luxembourgish language could be maintained. This proposal could be considered if the shortage of staff is not made up. CSV MP Léon Gloden proposed a bill which could authorise European Union nationals to become members of the police, on the condition that the candidates can speak the three national languages ​​and with the possibility of obtaining Luxembourg nationality by option, i.e. without the five-year period. This motion was adopted with 54 votes in favour, four against and two abstentions.

Minister for Internal Security François Bausch approved of the motion, stating it could go some way to solving the recruitment issue.

A recruitment plan had been developed beforehand with the union, while improvements are also underway.

To relieve the pressure on police, civilians could also be hired in order to carry out administrative tasks.

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