Masks, social distancing, and "simplified services". These are the major changes that passengers aboard Luxair flights can expect.

Luxair announced on Monday the resumption of its flights towards five destinations from 29 May: Lisbon, Porto, Munich, Hamburg, and Stockholm. Although this might have been encouraging news for many of the airline's loyal customers, one must not forget the adaptive measures that will be taken to make this gradual return to normality happen. The airline thus announced a series of measures under the slogan "Travel Safe & Clean", which need to be respected by passengers and cabin crew alike.


All passengers will be obliged to wear masks or any other kind of facial cover/protection. Both mouth and nose will need to be covered for the entirety of the flight.

If the cabin crew finds that a passenger's facial cover is inadequate, a mask can be provided. The airline has stocked up on reserves for such cases.

Only children below the age of 6 are exempt from the rule.

Social distancing... if possible

The Monday statement by Luxair also stated that most flights were not fully booked, which would allow for physical distance between passengers. This could however change in coming weeks, which would lead to further measures, such as regrouped boarding procedures and the exclusion of cabin luggage (which has already been limited at this point).

If flights are fully booked, the cabin crew will assure that travelling companions and families will be seated together.

Simplified services 

A maximum will be done to reduce physical contact between passengers and the cabin crew. Both the packages and the presentation of food will thus be adapted. Drinks will be handed out in different form, while in-flight shopping will be completely suspended. Newspapers, magazines, pillows, and covers will no longer be available.


Picture by Luxair catering from 2019. / © Archives RTL


All passengers will be provided with disinfectants upon boarding. Luxair warned however, that private sanitary products would not be allowed, since their chemical composure could interfere with the airline's cleaning products and could thus cause damage.

Further safety protocols

The airline also announced that minors will no longer be permitted to travel without supervision.

If a positive case of Covid-19 is suspected aboard one of Luxair's flights, the respective plane will undergo an extended cleaning and decontamination procedure.


A Vietnam Airlines plane being decontaminated in March 2020. / © AFP

Indispensable travel information

Passengers are required to be familiar with the criteria of entry for their respective destinations. Quarantine measures or other sanitary processes can be imposed by the governments of all five destinations. If regulations appear unclear, passengers are advised to contact the ministry of foreign affairs before embarking on a flight.