Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has shared a message of gratitude through social media, and issued a reminder that everyone must adhere to the measures taken by the government.

Bettel also noted that thousands of people have already signed up to volunteer through the new section of the govjobs website, and noted the launch of a new website through which you can find the latest information on the coronavirus situation in Luxembourg:

Full unedited message message

"I would like to start by expressing my deep respect and gratitude to you.

It is overwhelming to see how everyone is trying to play their part in managing this crisis. I am proud of our country and I am touched by the solidarity and understanding we are witnessing during these times.

The measures that the government had to take in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus are beginning to take effect. This is possible only because the majority of the population respects the principle of minimizing direct contact with their fellow citizens.

However, this is a crucial moment and it is of outmost importance that we remain disciplined!
For many people in our society it is vital that the rules are continued to be observed and that everyone stays at home as far as only possible.

The number of people who need to be hospitalised is increasing and these people are receiving the best possible medical care. We are prepared and we continue to prepare ourselves with energy and effort. Everyone can help by adhering to the important principle of not meeting anyone and observing the rules of hygiene.

Furthermore it is now also possible to volunteer to help by registering via or to put yourself forward for certain posts. This website is updated constantly and I thank all those who are willing to lend a helping (and well washed) hand. In the few days since this website has been online, already thousands (!) have registered, and I find it hard to express how impressive this is. Luxembourg is experiencing a real wave of solidarity.

Yesterday, the government adopted a very determined pack of measures to help our businesses, strengthen our society and organise the fight against the virus as efficiently as possible.

The health of our people is a priority above all else.

We have a strong economy and our public finances are sound, so that we can help businesses to weather this crisis, while also invest in the medium- and long-term recovery.

The government has in the meantime also created a new website where all the different sectors and information about the coronavirus are regrouped: This website is constantly updated and completed.

It is important to us that the citizens of our country and all those who live and work here are as well informed as possible about the current situation and how it is developing. That's why we are firmly committed to share a maximum of information with you.

Thank you for your help, your understanding and your solidarity."

Sourced from Xavier Bettel's Facebook page: