All helping hands are welcome in curbing the spread of coronavirus in Luxembourg. A new portal requests doctors, nurses, and all other health sector personnel to come forward and register themselves should their help be of urgent need.

The government issued 30 calls for tenders on Monday afternoon on the website Every individual working in Luxembourg's health sector must inscribe by Tuesday midnight to be registered in an emergency list of professionals able to help out in the event of a national health crisis.

School medics, dieticians, physiotherapists, but also veterenarians are all asked to sign up. Students, retired medical professionals, and administrative workers are also called on.

Workers functioning in private care-related companies, or handicapped employees are exempted from signing up. Maternity leave is also considered a reason not having to enlist.

If an individual has tested positive for coronavirus they should still register. Once the reserve is activated everyone is looked at one-by-one.

Furthermore, 12 volunteers are sought momentarily, ranging from cleaning staff to educators.