After 72 new deaths on Tuesday, and with 2,750 patients in hospital, the situation in the French Grand Est region is threatening to become unmanageable.

According to RTL sources, another French patient affected by coronavirus has been transported to Luxembourg via air ambulance on Wednesday.

This brings the total of transferred patients to seven, say French sources. All patients are aged over 50 and will be included in the Grand Duchy's statistics. Last weekend, Luxembourg promised medical support to French authorities - a promise which has certainly been kept. No further patient transports are planned for the time being.

The Grand Est region currently has nearly 600 patients in intensive care, with 407 deaths across the region. 41 of these were retirement home residents.

On Wednesday, 30 coronavirus patients were transferred from Strasbourg and Mulhouse via a special TGV service to other hospitals in France. The "sanitary" TGV service was specially created following the Paris attacks.

In France, 22,600 people have tested positive for Covid-19, while 1,100 people have died since the start of the epidemic.