Grand Duke Henri is addressing Luxembourg in these turbulent times. Watch the speech above and read the transcript in English below.

The times may be turbulent but Luxembourg has already proven that the virus will not diminish the sense of solidarity that has always characterised the country when faced with a collective crisis.

Grand Duke Henri, who has served as a symbol for Luxembourg's unity and togetherness for more than two decades, is addressing the country in a speech. Please find the transcript below:

Grand Duke Henri's speech transcribed

"Dear fellow citizens,

I am addressing you today in a moment that has forced Luxembourg to restrict social life. 

The government took measures that were unprecedented in Luxembourg in the past decades. 

These are decisions that will have a big impact on daily life. These are decisions that are certainly not easy - and yet they are important and right. 

This is the moment that requires our national solidarity, and I appeal to everyone to take the situation seriously and to follow the recommendations.  

We know that the virus, which is currently paralysing the world, can be very dangerous for vulnerable people. It is essential that we manage to limit the spreading of coronavirus and to make sure that as few people as possible get infected at the same time. 

Each of us has a great responsibility. 

For this reason, strictly respect the general hygiene rules and behave accordingly. 

The government and the various authorities are permanently evaluating the current situation, and adapting the measures when necessary. The situation demands extraordinary efforts from our medical and care staff, and they are doing extraordinary work. 

Today, I also want to express my deepest respect for them and thank them for their invaluable work and tireless engagement. 

I am also grateful for the solidarity of the population and the many initiatives that were so spontaneously launched to help each other, and to protect the more vulnerable people. 

In these days and weeks, I am, together with the Grand Duchess and our entire family, with you wholeheartedly to walk through these difficult times together. 

Thank you, and a lot of courage for all of us,