11, 451 people acquired Luxembourgish nationality in 2019, with the majority made up of the French.

The Ministry of Justice has published its yearly figures listing the number of people who have acquired Luxembourg nationality. Over the past five years, the number of people having acquired Luxembourgish nationality has more than doubled, going from 5,306 in 2015 to 11,451 in 2019.

To fully understand these figures, it is important to take into account the reform of the law on Luxembourg nationality. Since April 2017, requests have increased significantly thanks to the relaxation of the conditions for acquiring Luxembourg nationality.

However, there was a slight decrease last year, compared to 2018 when 11,876 people had obtained Luxembourg nationality.

The French still lead the way in acquiring Luxembourgish nationality, with 2,466 in 2019, slightly less than the previous year's total of 2,785.

The Brazilians are next with 2,117 requests. A significant number which is mostly due to the recovery procedure, or article 89, still applicable until the end of 2020: the condition is that of having a grandfather who was Luxembourgish on January 1, 1900.

The other best represented nationalities are the Belgians (1,335) and the Portuguese (1,067).

The number of British nationals who have acquired Luxembourgish nationality amounted to 431 people in 2019. 211 of these acquired citizenship according to article 28, which allows the acquisition of Luxembourg nationality after 20 years of residence in Luxembourg without having to complete the Luxembourg language assessment exam. This is roughly the same number as in 2018 (431).