It seems the matter of Minister Corinne Cahen's email has not yet been laid to rest. The opposition laid out their reaction in an open letter published earlier this Friday.

The CSJ - the Youth faction of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) - had originally issued a statement criticising Minister for Family Affairs and Integration Corinne Cahen for a private email sent from her professional account.

Deputies Diane Adehm (CSV) and Fernand Kartheiser (ADR - Alternative Democratic Reform Party) were quick to follow with a parliamentary question. The minister of state explained that Cahen had sent a "private" email to the capital's Commercial Union, and that she, even before her mandate had started, had advocated for local businesses.

Xavier Bettel was of the opinion that the email was not in breach of the government's code of ethics, and thus did not represent a conflict of interest.

However, it seems the opposition isn't ready to let go of the matter. As a reminder, the issue here lies in the fact that Minister Cahen sent an email to the Commercial Union criticising the lack of support for businesses - including her own former store - based in the ongoing tram construction site in the Gare district from her ministerial account.

CSV, ADR, The Left and the Pirate Party are now condemning the Prime Minister for protecting Cahen, and not handing the issue over to the Ethics Committee. They claimed that this act in itself was an unsavoury revelation regarding the nature of the government's ethics.

According to the opposition, the whole situation was a blatant case of conflict of interest, with all four parties demanding that the Prime Minister involve the Ethics Committee.