The university says that the 1,100 apartments and housing units at its disposal falls considerably short of students' need for housing.

According to an appeal publish by the university, some 300 students enrolled for this academic year are on waiting lists for student accommodation. The university stresses that, for the considerable number of international students, having Luxembourg residency is a requirement for obtaining a residence permit; without which they cannot study at the university.

The university also notes that this situation has become rather a crisis scenario, as the commercial real estate sector "seems unable to provide enough convenient housing in line with the needs and resources of students."

It is on this basis that the institution has issued a public appeal, the details of which reads:

"In order to allow these students to pursue the studies of their choice, the University launches an urgent appeal to all its employees and to the general public: if you have suitable accommodation available, we kindly ask you to consider offering it to the students currently on the waiting list. For this purpose, the university has set up an emergency service that can be contacted under (subject: offre de logement), or under 46 66 44 6610 (Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 16.00,  and this Saturday 14 September from 8.00h to 12.00 and this Sunday 15 September from 8.00 to 17.00)."

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