Authorities plan to increase the level of police presence around schools for the "Rentree."

Since 16 September marks the day kids return to school, police are stepping up their efforts to guarantee the children's safety, in particular on roads to and from school.

While most activities will be focused on ensuring routine safety checks and measures, such as wearing seat belts, respecting parking regulations, and making sure people are paying attention rather than being on their phones, officers will also be present to answer questions parents may have.

Speed limits will also be controlled more carefully.

The police's campaign is also to make drivers conscious of the fact that young children are not really aware of the dangers of the road. This means that people need to be even more careful, especially in the streets surrounding schools.

In light of this campaign, police station operating hours (usually 7am to 9pm) have been adapted in order to allow units to ensure an increased presence at peak travel times.

As a gentle reminder that school is starting again, a number of police vehicles will be provided with a "Warning: Back to School" sticker on their rear window.

Police Safety Messages

For parents:

- Walk to school with your child(ren) and make them aware of any potential danger zones. Choose the safest way, not the shortest way.
- Make your child(ren) aware of the dangers on the street.
- Be exemplary in your behaviour; children tend to imitate their parents.
- Always follow traffic regulations, including: speed ​​restrictions, parking prohibitions; wearing a seat belt, on both long and short trips (both you and your child(ren)).
- Make sure your child(ren) always get out of the car on the pavement side.
- When picking up your child(ren), do not wait on the opposite side of the street. Your child(ren) may walk across the street without paying attention.
- Make sure your children are clearly visible, including: bright clothing, armbands or safety vests; reflective tape on clothing and schoolbag.
- If you bring your child(ren) to school by bike, do not forget to wear a helmet (you and your child(ren)).
- If you transport a child in a bicycle trailer, make it as visible as possible, for example by equipping it with flags. Especially for drivers in very high cars or trucks, a bike trailer is not always very visible.

For kids:

- When walking on pavements, walk closers to houses instead of to the street.
- On the pavements, older and more experienced children should walk on the street side to protect the less experienced.
- Cross the road at the traffic lights. If there are none, use the protected pedestrian crossings and look carefully both ways before crossing. If there is no pedestrian crossing, stop at the edge of the street, look to the left, to the right, and again to the left and cross when there are no cars in sight.
- Beware of cars on the pavement, especially by garage exits.
- Be careful when parked vehicles obstruct vision. Stop at the curb and make sure there are no cars before moving on.

For motorists:

Young children do not yet know the dangers of traffic and can also be nervous at the start of the school year.
- Watch out for children and be careful.
- Adapt your speed around the schools and indicate when turning.
- Be especially careful at pedestrian crossings, around schools and bus stops, reduce your speed when you see children and be ready to brake at any time.
- Remember that children do not know how to rate speeds and have difficulty recognising certain dangerous situations.