Ahead of the return to school, the teaching union SEW has published the results of a survey, revealing a majority of teachers feel they do not receive respect of acknowledgement in their roles.

The other main takeaway of the survey revealed that teachers are not satisfied with their careers, but enjoy teaching for the sake of it.

There are divergences between secondary and primary school: whilst 70% of secondary school teachers feel they are not respected, up to 85% of their primary school colleagues feel the same way. The same applies to career satisfaction - the amount of secondary school teachers unsatisfied with their careers (62%) was smaller than the amount of primary school teachers (85%).

370 teachers took part in the trade union's survey, making up a rather small faction of the 4,400 teachers working in secondary schools. Whilst this is a small proportion, SEW president Patrick Arendt believes the results are representative. The trade union also lacks the opportunities that the Ministry of Education has when it comes to contacting potential respondents.

The SEW's main position is that there are many issues in schools that require resolving. The reforms of the past few years had made parents feel insecure. Further to that, the trade union feels Minister of Education Claude Meisch has treated the union poorly and misunderstood their position. The political leadership showed a lack of understanding of issues schools face and continue to ignore these issues, the SEW believes.