It's back to school for a growing number of ISL students tomorrow, Wednesday - here's what's awaiting them, and some facts about the school.

The 2018-19 school year saw some 612 students enrolled in the ISL lower school, and 752 in the upper school. This year these numbers have grown to 618 and 763 respectively, for a total of 1,381 students. Out of those, 195 are new students to the school.

Information provided by ISL shows that 56 nationalities are represented at the school, and the largest group of students (12.9%) come from the US, followed by France (9.5%), Italy (8.7%) and the UK (8.6%), and Luxembourg (8.2%).

What's awaiting the students

Wednesday will see the first day of school for upper school students, whose day will start at 8.15am.

Lower school students, meanwhile, will attend listening conferences - that is, individual 20-minute meetings between parents, teachers, and students themselves. Their first day of classes will be on Thursday 29 August.

Best of luck to all of the students for the school year ahead!


The ISL upper school building / © ISL