First sun, then trash! Dozens of bin bags and other rubbish was abandoned near the lake in Esch-sur-Sûre this weekend.

Following numerous occasions of fly-tipping and littering in winter, the images repeat themselves in the summer. You would think that a beautiful summer's day spent by the lake would encourage one to protect nature a little bit...apparently this doesn't hold true for everyone.

Following a very warm and sunny weekend, the workers of the commune of Esch-sur-Sûre had the disgusting surprise of finding dozens of full bin bags, bear boxes and empty bottles by the shore of the lake.

Municipal employees made their disgust clear on the municipial Facebook account, where they posted images of the trash with the caption: "A nice and relaxing day by the lake" - followed by emoticons of disapproval.

Perhaps some of the "vacationers" thought they were being thoughtful by gathering their trash by the already overflowing bins, but it really would have been better to take their remnants of their "nice and relaxing day" with them. The municipal workers tasked with removing their trash would certainly not disagree with that.