2019 marks the first year that the National Day military parade will not take place on Avenue de la Liberté.

The ongoing tram roadworks means that the organisers of the military parade have selected an alternate spot for the parade, which will now take place in Kirchberg. The general rehearsal took place on Tuesday ahead of the actual parade on Sunday.

Every year, thousands of spectators watch the National Day military parade, which showcases the discipline of the army, the police, the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps, and the military band.

Around 850 participate in the parade, both on foot and in vehicles.

Whilst the parade itself is a routine, the new location of the parade will certainly be something participants will have to adjust to. For instance, there are not as many lanes on the route in Kirchberg as on Avenue de la Liberté.

Whether the parade will remain in Kirchberg in the future is yet to be determined, but it is likely that the parade will take place in Kirchberg again next year. One of the main benefits of holding the parade in Kirchberg is the ease of access by public transport.

As in previous years, public transport will be free and the funicular and tram make it especially easy for spectators to get to the capital without using the car.