Not long ago, French journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot released their book "Qatar Papers", detailing the country's funding of mosques throughout Europe.

The book investigates the funding of Islam in France and throughout Europa, mainly focusing on the NGO Qatar Charity, which has faced allegations of financing terrorism and having close relations with the Muslim Brotherhood. The book mentions Luxembourg in relation to €2 million contributed to the Bonnevoie mosque.

In that context, CSV MP Laurent Mosar addressed a parliamentary question to prime minister Xavier Bettel, asking whether he knew anything about the money funded into the mosque. Mosar asked what Bettel thought of the matter and whether a law on financing places of worship needed to be introduced.

The prime minister gave Mosar a spoken response, stating that the book describes a number of projects funded throughout many countries at a total cost of €70 million. Bettel stated that the allegations must be verified, as the government could not base any conclusions based on the authors assertions alone.

Bettel highlighted that Luxembourg has regulations concerning funding, which should be respected by all religious communities, including the Shoura.

QatarPapers contains secret documents belonging to the Qatar Charity NGO, which is funded by the Qatari royal family and is purported to have links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The 295-page books describes Qatari plans to spread extremism in Europe alongside 140 funding projects for mosques, schools, and associations which are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The two journalists claimed the Qatar Foundation is the most powerful aspect of the small country. The journalists conducted research in six European countries, notably France, Italy, and Switzerland, in their new investigation into the networks, methods, and people involved in Qatar's funding within Europe. The book also highlights that the Qatar Foundation transfers a monthly sum of €35,000 to Tariq Ramadan, the nephew of the Muslim Brotherhood's founder.