If you're brave enough, you can already swim in the Upper-Sure and Weiswampach lakes as well Remerschen's Baggerweier ponds from 1 May.

Good news for swimming fans: Luxembourg's outdoor swimming season starts on 1 May and will last until 30 September. In other words, you will have 5 months to take advantage of the country's idyllic waterways.

The ministry of the environment reassured skeptics that that water quality was being monitored at the three sites. The last time that officials evaluated the water quality in Weiswampach, Esch-sur-Sûre and Remerschen, it was deemed "excellent."

The only thing to do now is to wait and see if the weather will play its part on 1 May. Fingers crossed.

The bathing map below (in French) shows you all the places where you can swim outside.