On Monday, the public prosecutor's office announced the dates of the trial concerning the former Luxembourgish state intelligence service (SREL).

The first of the twelve sessions of the trial will begin on 19 November. The trial concerns three former employees of the state intelligence service, who stand accused of unauthorised wiretapping.

The three defendants are the former head of SREL Marco Mille, his right-hand man Frank Schneider, and employee André Kemmer.

The three stand accused of having wiretapped Loris Mariotto, an electronics specialist, and his wife. The three defendants attempted to gain information from Mariotto concerning the "Bommeleeër" affair from the 1980s ('Bombers affair', a series of bomb attacks). Specifically, the matter concerns the secret recording and distribution of an encrypted CD allegedly holding a recording of a conversation between Grand Duke Henri and then prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

Marco Mille had also recorded a conversation with Juncker using a spy watch. When the information came out, Mille quite his role as the head of SREL.

The affair led to Juncker's resignation after 19 years as prime minister. The current European Commission president has been called upon to testify in the trial once his mandate as president has ended.