Luxembourg remains Western Europe's multicultural hub! Almost 50% of the population do not hold Luxembourgish citizenship, recent statistics show.

How did Luxembourg's demographics change over the years? And what's the geographical distribution of foreign residents like in the Grand Duchy? Luxembourg's statistics service Statec has the answers.

47.9% of Luxembourg residents do not hold Luxembourgish nationality. On 1 January last year, 313,771 residents held a Luxembourgish passport and 288,234 a foreign one. The demographic profile of the Grand Duchy has undergone significant changes in the last decades - in the 1960s for example, a mere 13% of all residents had foreign nationality.

Since 1961, the proportion of Luxembourgers grew by 14.7%. The proportion of foreigners, on the other hand, grew by a whopping 594.5%.

In 11 municipalities, foreigners outnumber Luxembourgers. In Luxembourg City, 70% of all residents do not hold Luxembourgish nationality. Strassen (62%) and Larochette (58%) are the runner-ups in this category.

Most foreign residents tend to live in big and medium-sized cities, Statec noted. The situation in Larochette is also extraordinary: 44% of the inhabitants are Portuguese.

A comparatively small percentage of foreigners live in Redange. The same holds true for Wahl (80% Luxembourgers) and Useldange.