On Wednesday, Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer and other officials representing the municipality presented the next stage of tram construction works.

Polfer described the next stage of tram works as upping the ante and becoming significantly more serious. As of 13 May, the tram roadworks will focus on the stretch of  Avenue de la Liberté between Place de Paris and the train station. From that day, buses will not access Avenue de la Liberté for their routes.

Buses will instead be diverted via Avenue de la Gare and rejoin their routes at Place de Paris.

The next phase of tram works will also impact cars. From 12 May, cars will no longer be allowed to access the first part of Avenue de la Gare, between Rue du Fort Neipperg and Rue Jean Origer. The only smaller vehicles allowed to use the road will be delivery cars and trucks delivering to local businesses.

The tram is projected to travel all the way up to Luxembourg City station by the end of 2020.

A further change in the area will be the development of the bicycle route on Avenue de la Gare in both directions. In order to make way for the cycling lane, both parking spots and trees will have to removed.