You might know that winter tyres are mandatory in the Grand Duchy, but when exactly do motorists need to swap their summer tyres out for sturdier ones? Read on for the answers.

As we know, Luxembourg obliges all vehicles driving on Luxembourgish roads to be equipped with winter tyres. There may be particular guidelines for buses, heavy goods vehicles, scooters, and the like, but we will focus on cars here.

There is no specific cut-off date for motorists to have to change their to winter tyres, instead it effectively depends on road conditions. Winter tyres are obligatory during winter conditions, which includes black ice, packed or melting snow, and patches of ice or frost. Regardless of the time of year, if any of these conditions manifest in Luxembourg, motorists need winter tyres. A further necessary aspect is that all four tyres must be identical.

To identify winter tyres, look for the letters M+S (also in the form of M.S. or M&S) or for the following image of a snowflake inside a mountain with three peaks marquage pneu conforme au point 4.2.7. du RGD du 10 septembre 2012.

Anybody caught driving in Luxembourg without the appropriate tyres will be fined €74. This does not apply to parked vehicles.