Elizabete Ludborza is the COO and Co-Founder of Kaveat, an application that helps independent content creators better understand and negotiate their contracts.

She joined Melissa as a guest on The Home Stretch on Today Radio to discuss Kaveat, a software platform which she has developed with two other female founders.

The way it works is you can upload any contract onto their platform. Then, their native AI will scan it and translate all of the clauses into plain English. Additionally, it will flag the clauses that you could negotiate if they are below the industry standard. Elizabete explains how this a simple way that allows creatives to "unlock the potential of any contract".

Raised in Luxembourg, Elizabete has been a successful content creator since 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Warwick in England and Monash University in Australia and has previously worked as a previous legal officer and has experience analysing the status of international contracts at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The more success she had as a content creator, the more contracts she had to negotitate and soon realised the immense advantage her legal background gave her and was able to advocate for herself. "It rubbed me the wrong way seeing my peers be taken advantage of by these big companies."

In May 2022, she graduated from her Masters Degree at Cornell University in the US. There she met Dorothy, an engineer with a modeling background, and Christine, also an engineer with a finance background. The three women launched Kaveat a month after graduating and have already received support from institutional investors and angel investors.

Kaveat's aim is to democratise the access to law as hiring a personal lawyer can be costly, especially in the US. Through winning the startup programme at Cornell, they were able to raise initial funds and get their first office space.

They now have an extensive customer base of models, influencers, streamers and also operate a talent agency. Their next step is to expand their business to Europe by establishing an office in Luxembourg.

Listen to the full interview to hear the full story behind Kaveat's creation and Elizabete's thoughts on being an entrepreneur.

Elizabete Ludborza: COO of Kaveat

Find more information on their website or through their LinkedIn profile.