The Ministry for Family and Integration has launched to facilitate the integration process for new and prospective residents.

InfoLux has been designed to help people navigate their daily lives in Luxembourg and hopefully provide answers to most of their questions,” Corinne Cahen (DP), Minister for Families and Integration, says in a video playing in the digital main hall's large screen.

After a quick sign up, you too can find yourself in the main hall, where the following 3 spaces are open for 'exploration'.

The Info Centre

In this space you may find useful information on different aspects of life in Luxembourg and find contact details for public administrations and associations.

The Conference Room

Here you can sign up to participate in different thematic workshops and classes related to integration, inclusion and interculturality.

Discover Luxembourg

In this room, you can enrich your knowledge of Luxembourg, its history, traditions, culture, sites and events.


The Info Centre inside InfoLux, gives you access to useful information. / © Infolux, Ministry of Family and Integration

InfoLux in a sentence:

InfoLux is a virtual interactive space on your browser meant to simulate a town hall.

It's a user-friendly interface to access important information, like:

  • How to register for Social Security
  • Work and Entrepreneurship information
  • Civic information surrounding elections and your rights as a new resident
  • Housing and Built Environment information 
  • Languages and Education in Luxembourg
  • Culture, sports and leisure activities
  • Information on Digitalization and Data Protection in the country.

A handbook is available if you need help navigating the website.

A dedicated section for Ukrainians who have had to come to Luxembourg’s as refugees following the Russian invasion is also available.