Residence issues and everything related to the migration process can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Heavy bureaucratic procedures, judiciary language and the fear of doing something wrong or missing out on an important deadline can turn the paperwork into a headache.

For over 20 years now, Guichet Info Migrants has been guiding and supporting migrants throughout all the different steps. Guichet Info Migrants is a service of ASTI, a nonprofit organization advocating for migrants’ rights in Luxembourg since 1979.

It offers free information and administrative assistance on immigration and residence issues, such as tourist visas to visit Luxembourg, family reunification of family members living abroad, marriage between people of different nationalities, studying in Luxembourg as a non-European and all sorts of questions that can arise when living in Luxembourg as a migrant.

The Guichet is a place where people can come to find out about their own residence situation, the situation of a family member or a close relative and obtain a free and personalised follow-up if needed.

You can find contact details and the address on the website:

How to renew your residence permit

The duration of residence permits for non-EU nationals in Luxembourg is limited. None of them are valid forever, and so there comes a time when you will need to renew your soon-to-expire residence permit. The duration of a permit can vary between one, three, five or even 10 years, but all must be renewed.

First of all, always keep the expiration date in mind! People tend to forget this and often notice it when it’s too late: when a trip is already booked, when the passport needs to be renewed -  that’s when you’ve left it too late to start the renewal process. With the expiration date in mind this won’t happen to you.

Two months before, check if you still fulfil all the criteria, depending on your type of residence permit: a permit for a salaried worker needs a valid ongoing work contract; a family member permit needs the family relationship to still be existing, while for a student visa renewal must still be studying.

So, depending on the type of permit you are holding, you can check the documents you need to join for your renewal request on under the specific type of permit you apply for. Every type of permit also has its own form to print and sign. Now you will need to check if your national passport is still valid and off you go: send all the required documents by regular mail (or registered post if it makes you feel safer) to theImmigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs within two months prior to the expiry date of the residence permit.

Have you been in Luxembourg for more than five years already? Consider the option of acquiring Luxembourgish citizenship, which means you’ll no longer need to renew your permit. Still not fluent in Luxembourgish language? You have the option of getting a long-term resident’s permit (if you’re an EU national, you can also apply for permanent residency). Upcoming articles will have more details on your options.

You can contact ASTI directly if you need more information:

by phone: +35243833334

or by email:

This article provided by ASTI with the support of the Department of Integration - Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region.

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