Coworking is a concept that is continuously gaining ground in Luxembourg and elsewhere. Whether you're a freelancer, starting your own business, or a creative needing a space with like-minded individuals, there are a significant amount of coworking spaces offered in Luxembourg.

Those who have freelanced are likely familiar with spending time in coffee shops, libraries, and other places that offer free wifi, but are limited in other regards. The hours may not be as flexible, you don't have printing facilities, or you run the risk of not finding a space on an especially busy day.

The idea of coworking involves a shared workplace alongside independent activity and allows people who may not have a traditional office space to have somewhere they can base their professional activities at.

Over the past few years, the number of coworking facilities in Luxembourg has grown exponentially, all catering to different needs. Coworking remains inherently flexible - you can shop around for somewhere that fits your needs and avoid paying out for a full office space when you just require a desk.

We've put together a list of some coworking spaces in Luxembourg which is by no means exhaustive, but should provide an idea of the different strengths each coworking space has. Most coworking spaces are happy to offer trial days to prospective users, so it is always worth contacting the space in advance if you're interested.

The creative option - Bamhaus

Bamhaus's emphasis is on community and the creative. Housing both a brand and a non-profit association, this creative workspace also offers cultural events for residents and other freelancers. Bamhaus offers the traditional coworking spaces, but also has a range of options designed for more creative freelancers, such as a recording room, a cinema, a 'maker space', and more. Bamhaus is based in Dommeldange and has a trendy and hipster vibe.

Packages range from daily passes to resident passes and Bamhaus allows interested freelancers to indicate which facilities they would be interested in. Base services offered are free wifi, a desk in a shared space, and kitchen facilities. Cheaper and limited packages come with limited Monday to Friday hours, whereas the resident pass allows 24/7 access. Resident passes start at €250 and monthly passes - allowing 20 days' access - are at the €350 mark.

The flexible option - Wishbox

Wishbox, based in Bereldange, is above all a flexible option. The coworking business emphasises its space as somewhere to work on your own, but also to team up with others. Wishbox also offers administrative and marketing support to those using its facilities, highlighting its purpose as more than just a "rent a desk" space.

Wishbox offers flexible time-based memberships depending on how often you would need to use the space. The space offers one-day memberships, which cost €20, and half-time memberships in addition to 24/7 access. These half-time memberships are on a hotdesking basis (meaning no fixed desk) and are limited to 80 hours a month during the weekly opening hours at a cost of €190 per month.

There is no joining fee and more elaborate memberships come with mail services, lockers, or even bathroom access.

The cross-border option -  Urban Office

Urban Office's main strength is that it offers office space in 7 locations - and crucially, the majority are not all located in the centre of the capital. Whilst Urban Office does have a Luxembourg City office, it also offers space in Windhof, Esch/Belval, Wecker (Grevenmacher) and Bettembourg. These facilities are especially for cross-border workers or freelancers living over the borders, as they do not have to travel into the centre of Luxembourg.

The basic package starts at €297 per month and offers a host of amenities, including a private locker, unlimited access to the common spaces, and 100 pages per month available to print. For €327/€397, interested parties can purchase a dedicated desk. Finally, Urban Office also offer closed offices for €497 per month.

The start-up option - Luxembourg City Incubator

The Luxembourg City Incubator was launched by the Chamber of Commerce's House of Startups, making up one of its larger incubators, and is sponsored by the City of Luxembourg. As its history suggests, the facilities are designed mainly for startups, both local and international.

The LCI offers a range of services for nomads through to entire teams based in closed officers. All packages include wifi, printing facilities, phone booths, and access to the kitchen. Daily packages cost €20 a day (and have additional costs if you wish to use the meeting rooms) and flexi packages are €300 a month. For €375 a month, users can have 24/7 access and a fixed desk.

The international option - Regus

Regus has several coworking bases in Luxembourg, ranging from locations such as Bertrange to Findel. Whilst prices are available upon contact, Regus does offer different packages for those who may only need a coworking space for a certain amount of days per month.

The real benefit in Regus coworking spaces is that your membership comes with access to Business Lounges throughout Regus' network. If you have to travel to London, for example, you could benefit from the Business Lounge there. These lounges are designed for drop-in use for travellers, so if you aren't in Luxembourg for that much time, this could be a flexible co-working option.

There are of course many more options, all with specific benefits based on your needs. Let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendations!


While updating this article, we came across a really handy website that lists many co-working options in the Grand-Duchy as well as other cities. Totally worth a look!