Unsure about how to bring your family member(s) with you to Luxembourg, regardless of whether you are an EU- or third country national?

The first important difference you need to know is that the Luxembourgish immigration law makes a difference between a family reunification done by a member of the European Union and a Third Country National. Let’s look at each case.

As member of the European Union

If you are a member of the European Union, you are entitled to bring your spouse and your children with you – so long as the latter are less than 21 years old. The request has to be made before the family member(s) enter Luxembourg, and please be aware that the procedure takes up to 3 months.

Once your request has been processed, your family members will receive a family member residence permit valid for 5 years, with an unlimited and direct access to the labor market.

As a Third Country National

Things are different if you live in Luxembourg as a Third Country National. In that case you are also allowed to bring your spouse, but you are limited to bring your children younger than 18 years of age. You also need to prove that you have a stable housing condition, big enough to welcome the people you want to invite, and you have to show your work contract and your salary to the Luxembourgish immigration department.

It’s also possible to bring your parents, regardless of whether you are an EU or Third Country national. It is however a bit more complicated, as it is linked to a lot of conditions: your parents need to prove that they were financially dependent on you in the past, and that they don’t have other children in their country of origin that could eventually take care of them. As you can see, this type of family reunification is therefore a lot more difficult than bringing your spouse and/or children.

The residency permit your family member is entitled to depends on your own nationality

If you are a member of the European Union, your family member will receive a 5 years residence permit. If you are yourself a Non-European, their residency permit is valid only 1 year and needs to be renewed again after the first year. Your spouse will have a very restricted access to the employment market during the first year of his/her residence. The second year the restrictions are loosened somewhat. The procedure can take up to 9 months for this kind of family reunification.

Be aware that in both situations you need to start the process before your family member enters Luxembourg.

Of course, this is only a short version of the very complex national immigration law. For further and more detailed information, you can contact the migration desk of ASTI asbl.

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