From small gnomes, to tall trolls, to a hidden magical cabin - this article is full of fun things that you should not be missing out on.

La Balade des Gnomes, Durbuy, Belgium

This is not your typical hotel, boasting 11 rooms, each with a unique theme and design. One might call the rooms whimsical, Tim Burtonish, Harry Potterish and more… This hotel also offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in a Trojan Horse.

And of course, the whole surrounding area of Durbuy is beautiful to explore, with a variety of activities and experiences for families.

Learn more on the hotel's website.

La Marmite des Trolls, Durbuy, Belgium

In case you need a break from your small companions at 'La Balade des Gnomes' just go to the place next door, where you'll be greeted by trolls, which are known to be rather large fellows.

This restaurant in Durbuy offers a unique dining experience, in a special decorated space. In addition to the curated decor, there is a small play area for young children.

For more information, or to make a reservation, click here for the restaurant's website or visit their Facebook page.

Find all the Hidden Trolls in De Schorre in Boom, Belgium

Can't get enough of trolls?

Head over to Boom in Belgium because great adventure is waiting for you here: You'll have the unique opportunity to step into the beautiful and majestic world of trolls.

Seven are hidden throughout the park, where they are just waiting to be found by intrepid explorers.

Made out of recycled wood, these statues range in height from seven to 18 metres tall.

A favourite among young and old alike.

Address: De Schorre Provinciaal Recreatiedomein

Schommelei 1/1 2850 Boom Belgium

Find the Wizard's Cabin near Namur, Belgium

In a quiet place (and private property) you'll find the Wizard's Cabin.

Unfortunately I myself do not know the location, as it seems that only very few people seem to actually have discovered the cabin.

The location is not shared to protect the place from overcrowding, but some have managed to find it by using Google Earth.

Will you be the next?

If you were ever looking for a hunt and challenge for your kids, this is definitely the thing to do. Pack some lunch and you got the perfect nature get-away.

Visit Belgium's largest peony farm in spring time

When the peonies are blooming, you can visit one of the most beautiful and largest peony farms in Belgium! Just imagine the photo opportunities.

You can frolic in the flowers as long as you respect the rules of the farm.

Make sure to check the website and Facebook page for dates, as visiting times are limited!

Address: Graefswinning - Diestersteenweg 222, Nieuwerkerken, Belgium


Guided tour at Escargotiere de Warnant

If you are fascinated by the world of slugs and snails, this farm is the place to be!

Guided tours are offered in French and Dutch, but English is also a possibility upon request.

Address: Rue de la Gare 1, 5537 Warnant, Belgium

Visit la Maison de Hary Cot (or maybe Harry Potter?)

With its great resemblance to the Weasley family home in the Harry Potter movies, this interesting structure is worth a visit! The former restaurant makes for an unusual photo opportunity.

Located in Weris, Belgium (near Durbuy).



Discover the cloth factory in Esch-sur-Sûre.

The cloth factory has not been in operation for quite some time and is now a known museum in the Grand Duchy.

As a bonus, the museum actually offers the possibility to take part in textile workshops for both young and old.


© Yannick Stirn

Cirque du Soleil in Frankfurt, Germany with Luzia


© Ulizes Ruiz/AFP

Cirque du Soleil is all about high quality entertainment: Dance performances, mind-blowing acrobatics and guaranteed amazement.

The circus takes place from 13 June to 16 July 2023 in various cities such as Vienna, Madrid, Sevilla...But if you plan a shorter trip, the closest performance will be taking place in Frankfurt!

Visit the only remaining dolls factory in France

Petitcollin is the last French factory of Swimmers, dolls and puppets that is still operating, and you have the chance to visit it!

Guided tours are possible upon reservation.


Centre Culturel et Touristique

Musée des Jouets petitcollin

2 rue des casernes (quartier de la gare)

55400 ETAIN (Meuse)

Tél. : +33 (0)

Fax : +33 (0)

E-mail :


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