Bookworms rejoice! Luxembourg and the Greater Region have a cornucopia of delights for children and teenagers that love books, story-telling and more..

Do your children love to read books or listen to stories? Or would you like to encourage them in this path? Here's a useful list of libraries and other book-related resources in and around Luxembourg.

The list is for multilingual libraries, including resources in English, French, Luxembourgish, German and other languages.


Cité Bibliothèque, Luxembourg City

This centrally-located library, by Place d'Armes, aims to:

  • foster reading and cultural development by offering texts for people of all ages and backgrounds
  • inform and offer easy access to a wide range of media
  • promote contemporary literature and encourage contact between readers and authors
  • introduce young people and adults to the joy of reading
  • preserve Luxembourg's cultural heritage

They even have a dedicated website for children and teenagers. Several activities are offered including the possibility to become a member, which offers additional benefits.

For example, every Saturday a reading workshop is offered to four-to-six-year-olds in Luxembourgish, followed by a session of crafting or drawing. Find out more here.

Il etait une fois asbl

This association hosts a multilingual library for children aged zero to eight (6137 books in 36 languages). It welcomes the public, nurseries, and school children with the aim to provide an inclusive multicultural exchange.

Its located on rue Tony Bourg in the City. They organize regular events as well as birthday parties on Sunday afternoons. In the morning it opens for kindergartens, and from 4pm its open to the general public.

National Library of Luxembourg

This beautiful library also hosts a small kids corner and a nice café.

It's worth going on a guided tour, which are organized from time to time. These give children the opportunity to learn about the library and stimulate their curiosity.

Potty Lotty

Potty Lotty is a multilingual storyteller who enthrals children with her tales, colourful outfits, and beautiful DIY hats.

Potty Lotty travels in and around Luxembourg to tell stories, and can also be invited to your home or garden.

My children loved Potty Lotty and I am sure your children too.

I collaborated with Potty Lotty for a children’s event and I can say that she’s a wonderful person: very talented and passionate about what she does.

To follow Potty Lotty’s reading adventures and to be informed about the events she is taking part in check her Facebook page and website.

Quante Storie, Trotty

Cristina, who I also know personally, is a Luxembourg-based Italian storyteller. , Also a mum of three, she's guaranteed to captivate the little ones in the beautiful Italian language.

Cristina is also involved in the activities of ORME asbl promoting the Italian culture.


Bicherbus is an initiative from the national library of Luxembourg.

It's what the name suggests: a bus full of books that delivers its wares to different communes around the country. There's a big choice of children's books which can be rented and returned at the next visit of the Bicherbus.

Verbalius - public speaking for kids

Public speaking is considered an essential skill. Verbalius offers workshops to children and teenagers, helping them to reduce anxiety and build self-confidence when addressing the public.

Mersch Public Library

The public library in Mersch is a small but good offering for those who live in the area.

In general most communes have libraries. Ask about it at your local town hall. Another nice library I can recommend is the one in Vianden.


La Cour de Contes de Chiny

A unique place in Chiny, Belgium conceived by two artists, La Cour de Contes de Chiny offers a sensory maze where children become the main characters of a 3D story-telling experience.

Library of Arlon

There are interesting events organized at the Library of Arlon around the theme of books and storytelling.


Reading Summer 2022

Reading Summer 2022 is an initiative in Rheinland-Pfalz to help children discover the beauty of reading. It is aimed at children from 6 to 16 years old.

Kids and teens get a registration card to use in local libraries, with the chance to participate in a big prize draw. Prizes are determined by the number of books they read.

Leseland Trierweiler

A great regional library with books mostly in German.


Metz Library

This library features a dedicated service for young people.

Puzzle, Thionville

A centre of culture, literature, image and sound in Thionville. Different events are organised throughout the year.

Different events also are being organized throughout the year.

Mediatheque, Florange

With its 30,000 books and comics, 5,000 CDs, 2,000 DVDs and 70 press subscriptions, the Florange Media Library provides a large catalogue for its subscribers.

Each year, the media library opens its doors to special events for adults, teenagers and young audiences. Visitors can attend free shows, meetings with artists, exhibitions, readings and even writing workshops.

Public Library of Woippy

Another library that's well worth a visit!

Some useful links

Apeda is an online bookstore with books in French designed for children with special educational needs.

Labonnement Mediatheque is an online library with reading tools for kids, primarily in French.

Happy reading, Happy Explorations, and let’z TravelmatKanner!

If I've missed anything, please let me know in the comments below.