Welcome to the weekend! Pick fresh fruit, hear pop meets chamber music, see independent films, explore Oekofest and build your own drums!

1. See screenings at British & Irish Film Festival

What: Fine selection of films
Cinémathèque and Ciné-Utopia
When: Various timings, until Saturday 24 September - info & programme here

The wonderful British & Irish Film Festival has been running in Luxembourg since 2019, celebrating the rich array and diversification of film-making across the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), primarily from independent film production companies. This final weekend includes screenings of Nothing Compares, Steps of Freedom: The Story of Irish Dance and Joyride with the fantastic Olivia Colman.

2. Explore Oekofest 2022

What: Against the cozy backdrop of Pfaffenthal
Sang a Klang, 1 Rue des Trois-Glands, 1629 Luxembourg - Google Maps
 Friday, 23 September - Saturday, 24 September between 3pm-1am - more info here

Head down to Pfaffenthal this weekend for live music, children's entertainment, food & drinks and guided tours at Oekofest 2022. The two-day festival shines a spotlight on sustainability and nature. For example, one of the walking tours explains the vegetation in the capital, and how it adds to a better quality of life. Plus, there are loads of vegetarian and vegan dishes! Live music includes Marly Marques, The Tame and the Wild and Alfalfa.


3. Build your own drums at Philharmonie

What: Lots of hitting stuff!
Philharmonie, 1 Pl. de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 24 September as of 10am - more info here

If you've got kids, and they like playing with musical instruments, take them to the Philharmonie on Saturday. The concert venue is transforming into a real workshop playground, inviting children to not only play on the cajon or with boomwhackers, but to also craft their own drums. Cool! There are a lot of programme options, so best check the entire schedule on the website.


© Sara Mossong

4. Pick ripe fruit from city trees - free of charge!

What: Countering food waste
Where: Many spots around the country, see map
When: Friday, 23 September and Saturday, 24 September - more info here

Each year, many kilograms of ripe fruit are left to rot under the trees in orchards, gardens and on public places – and it’s a dreadful waste. The remedy is simple: gather and pick these apples, pears, plums, etc. and make them into jam, compote, juice or a pie. Thanks to Antigaspi and their yellow ribbons (indicating trees where fruit can be picked for free), private individuals can pick ripe fruit without consulting the owner. This is also happening in the city center this weekend: On Rue Plaetis & Avenue Gaston Diderich between 12pm-7pm on Friday, and between 10am-5pm on Saturday.

5. See tomorrow's talent at On Stéitsch

What: Be surprised at Rotondes
Where: Rotondes, 3 Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxemburg - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 24 September between 2pm-12am - more info here

Want to see the next big rock star before they break through? The next poetry slammer or breakdancer? The National Youth Service organises the annual On Stéitsch festival, an event rich in culture and art for young and old audiences alike. It's completely free and often seen as the jumping board to bigger stages and projects for these young talents. Kick-off is at 2pm on Saturday!

6. Hear The Aquatic Museum

What: Pop meets chamber music
Where: Opderschmelz, 1a Rue du Centenaire, 3475 Dudelange - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 24 September at 8pm - info & tickets

The Aquatic Museum Band is a pop/chamber music collective that was founded in 2021 by singer-songwriter Claire Parsons (LU/GB), musician and app developer Laurent Peckels (LU) and violist Nicole Miller (US). On Saturday the group is hosting its premiere, bringing together artists from different industries, who venture beyond conventional methods of music production, release and performance.

Inspired by Sufjan Stevens, Emiliana Torrini and Agnes Obel, The Aquatic Museum album invites listeners to delve into the secrets of as yet undiscovered aquatic realms. Strings, horns, electronic instruments, choirs, playful piano parts and captivating guitar riffs. The colour palettes of jazz harmony, the delicacy of a chamber ensemble and the energy of a pop band.


7. Join the memory walk

What: Dementia awareness
Where: Place de Clairefontaine - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 24 September between 11am-5pm - more info here

The Memory Walk is an international event of Alzheimer associations to inform and raise awareness among the general public. Information stands on the services offered by the Association Luxembourg Alzheimer welcome you to Place Clairefontaine on Saturday afternoon. Meet people, take part in discussions, and learn more about dementia.


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