In honour of Luxembourg's National Day, we made some RTL Today/Radio/RTL.LU people sit down to answer questions about Luxembourg. They did.. OK.

Well, Sarah from RTL.LU smashed it out of the park, but that was very much to be expected given that she is the cleverest of us all, and we knew that going into it. We had to have someone in the video who actually knew what they were talking about, you know? She's also awesome, and used to work for RTL Today, so the choice was pretty obvious.

Anyway, we've been teasing this video mercilessly across our social media for the last couple of days, so here you go - the full thing!

Also we need to stand corrected: Earlier today we announced that Kevin has a knack for flags when he was trying to fix it, but looking at the video, and the fact that the flag has been living a life of its own in the background, we need to retract that statement.

Melissa's screaming made a good chuckle though.