Join Emma and her co-host this week, Eloïse from 'Cooking with Elo', as they journey into plant-based perfection in the Grand Duchy.

You don’t have to know your seitan from your seeded sprouts to enjoy this curated selection of vegan restaurants. Emma from Today Radio is joined this week by a special co-host, Luxembourg's own vegan on-the-scene: Eloïse Jennes from Cooking with Elo!

Known for her blog of plant-based and gluten-free recipes (and not to mention a glowing Instagram presence), Elo is on a mission to help people discover the pleasure of plant-forward cooking and we thought she'd be perfect to help us determine the crème de la (cashew) crème of vegan options in Luxembourg.

Come along as they trial new, old, and sadly just closed venues — fingers crossed for a revival! — in honour of Veganuary. That's 'vegan January', for the uninitiated but curious. Let's get cracking... In honor of everyones new year’s resolutions and willingness to eat healthier, what better way than to mix in some more plant based meals? Emma and Elo visited four of the top rated plant based restaurants in Luxembourg City, trying all sorts of options from tacos to bowls to pastas. Luxembourg has some FANTASTIC plant based options, what should we go around and taste next?? *Editors Note: This was filmed in the beginning of December. Unfortunately, Zoylitas has decided to close their doors. We TRULY hope they reopen again, as it was a fantastic restaurant. #luxembourg #luxembourg🇱🇺 #luxembourgtiktok #luxembourgeats #luxembourgvegan #plantbasedeats #veganfoodie ♬ original sound - Today Radio Luxembourg by RTL



Their first stop was Zoylitas. It's important to note that this Mexican taco bar is currently closed, but we're hoping it's just a short hiatus and we'll manage to see this 100% plant-based kitchen turn on the lights once again.

After a quick 'cheers' a la vegan tacos, the ladies were most impressed by the pickled onions and cauliflower, faux-shrimp tacos picked by Emma — while Elo's oyster mushroom tacos definitely didn't try to take on a faux-meat flavour or texture and were delicious nonetheless. 

Address: 21, rue des Trévires, 2628 Bonnevoie (CLOSED permanently - for now)




The next stop took the ladies out of Luxembourg City and into Dudelange, for a gluten-free and vegan pasta duo at Rucolino. They found the dishes positively flavourful, the pesto noteworthy (especially because parmesan - a very un-vegan ingredient - is usually essential), and both Emma and Elo agreed that you'd never guess that Rucolino's pasta is truly gluten-free. The verdict? A fantastic Italian option, no doubt about it.

Address: 15, rue de Commerce, 3450 Dudelange, Luxembourg

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11.45–14.30 and 18.30-23.00


GLOW at The Mudam Café


Third on the tour was GLOW at The Mudam Café. A spot long-known among vegans in the Grand Duchy, but usually associated with its Bonnevoie brick-and-mortar, GLOW has expanded to serve their plant-based, vegan goodness to the Kirchberg crowdSo what did Elo and Emma think?

Emma was wow'd by their vegan take on traditional Luxembourgish Kniddelen — a type of of juicy dumpling commonly served during the Grand Duchy's colder months — although she initially had some serious food envy about Elo's dish. She went for the Bali Bowl, with smoked tofu and peanut sauce. The outcome? It's a seriously perfect, effortlessly healthy lunch option.

Address: Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Clausen, Luxembourg

Opening hours: Wednesday 11.30–22.00; Thursday & Friday: 11.30–15.00; Saturday & Sunday: 10.30–17.30




The last stop for our intrepid food travellers was Onda, which describes itself as "a place with a heart" — located just a stone's throw from one of the best secret stairway entrances to the Petrusse Valley. It also specialises in coffee and organic cacao and makes its own hazelnut milk. So what did Emma and Elo think?

After a swift cheers via golden spoons, they dove into an incredibly smooth, gorgeously purple acai bowl, followed by a fresh and crunchy rocket salad that came with hints of parsley. A moist, sugar-free carrot tart with vegan icing gave both ladies the best kind of pause.

Address: 43, rue Goethe, 1637 Luxembourg

Opening hours: Every day except Tuesday, 9.00-16.00


And the winner is ...

It's a split ticket! Emma found the faux-shrimp tacos at Zoylitas to be for-real-fabulous and Elo was positively taken away by the homemade pasta from Rucolino — which she couldn't believe was vegan and gluten-free. However, they were equally certain about a combined runner-up status for Glow at The Mudam Café, with its super-memorable Bali Bowl and special Kniddelen proving to be stellar knock-outs.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts and we hope these options keep your plant-based palate hopping, long after Veganuary. And a special thanks again to Cooking with Elo's fabulous Eloïse Jennes for joining us on the journey!

What else do our fellow food adventurers think we should review next? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll be on the lookout for our next culinary escapade!