With environmental consciousness rising all around the globe, it comes as no surprise that the second-hand market has been catapulted.

From being considered ‘shabby’ and ‘unattractive’ to THE place-to-be to find extraordinary one-off items.
Whether that be fashion, furniture or art - it seems as if the trend tilts towards reusing what already exists rather than further exploiting precious sources.

Luxembourg is no exception to this. Granted, we were (or, depending on who you ask, still are) a little behind the trend, but still, things are moving.

In the spirit of sustainability, we thought we’d share some of the second-hand and vintage stores around the country. But instead of just presenting you the shops, we want you to meet the founders, owners and change-makers behind the pretty logos.

Each week, we will be introducing you to the person behind the second-hand and vintage shops around the country by interviewing them about their personal experiences, asking about their vision of the Luxembourgish market and talking about their respective shops.

Are you a shop owner and want to participate? We’ll be happy to hear from you! Just send us a quick mail to valeria.wiwinius@rtl.lu and include a brief explanation of you, your shop and some links to your website and/or social media platforms.