The first ever official visit between two of the LGBTQ+ heads of government is being celebrated on social media after a photo of Xavier Bettel and Ana Brnabić alongside their respective partners was shared on twitter.

The leaders reportedly met on Sunday 8 September to discuss Serbia’s proposed accession to the EU, but a photo of the leaders with their partners on social media is what got people's attention, with some saying it represents the growing presence of LGBTQ+ people in politics - a development which is long overdue.

The photo shows Xavier Bettel with his partner Gauthier Destenay welcoming openly lesbian Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, and her partner Milica Đurđić.

One twitter user said: 'This is a testament to HOPE. People that are strong enough to be themselves are often strong enough to do the right thing.'

When Bettel was elected back in 2013, he was only the third ever openly gay world leader at the time. After his government introduced marriage equality in 2015, he married architect Gauthier Destanay.

After official talks, the openly homosexual leaders watched the Luxembourg-Serbia football game at the 'Stade Josy Barthel'.