In an interview with RTL Today Radio, Astrid Scharpantgen, co-founder of breast cancer charity Europa Donna Luxembourg, shared details of the upcoming 20th race against breast cancer.

Europa Donna Luxembourg is part of the European Coalition Against Breast Cancer.

Speaking on The Sam Steen Show on Friday morning, Scharpantgen said that her organisation focuses on promoting breast cancer screening. She said women aged 50 to 69 should attend screenings every two years.

Her organisation also aims to make sure that no woman with breast cancer feels alone. She encouraged those who had concerns about breast cancer to call their help line (+352 621 47 83 94).

On Saturday 1 October, Europa Donna Luxembourg is hosting a charity race in the park in Hesperange. The 'Broschtkriibslaf' race is 4km and they are expecting up to 1,500 participants. All are welcome - whether women, men, children, solo or in teams with friends and family. Participants can go at their own pace - running, walking, with strollers, dogs, or whatever suits them.

Listen to the interview:

Europa Donna Luxembourg interview

Europa Donna Luxembourg notes that as many as one in four breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women aged between 25 and 49, with 500 new cases a year in Luxembourg.

Scharpantgen therefore pointed out that breast cancer can affect women during the prime years of their life when they are focused on building a career and/or raising a family.

Detecting breast cancer early can increase a woman's chance of survival and reduce the need for aggressive therapies. Earlier detection through mammography screening is making a difference in Luxembourg, helping to reduce the number of women who die from the disease.

The funds raised from next Saturday's race will go towards improving supportive care for breast cancer patients.

More information on the Broschtkriibslaf website (in French).