Every so often, someone at a ripe old age will give a small insight into their daily habits, maintaining that one or the other thing helps them stay healthy in their advanced age. For the 97-year-old Robertine, that secret ingredient is beer.

The 97-year-old Belgian woman spends her evenings in a local bar in her home of Muizen and is well known for ordering the same thing every time: beer. Robertine has been a regular at the bar for nigh on 18 years, making sure to visit every day - except Wednesdays, when the bar is closed - and drinks between 12 and 20 glasses of beer per visit. On some occasion, the woman, who must have a liver of steel, has managed to put down 22 glasses of beer.

Nor does the 97-year-old act especially belligerent either, as those who've witnessed her in the bar have claimed she's perfectly able to handle her alcohol. Of course, Robertine maintains that her daily dose of beer means she doesn't have to take any medication. In the past four years, the nonagenarian has only been ill twice and allegedly, her doctor says if she can manage to make the journey to the bar, then there is no reason why she shouldn't continue.

We're sure that Robertine's 100th birthday will be a day to remember. And if you can't afford 15 pints a day, why not head to a bar in Spain?

Despite Robertine's anecdotal claims, we at RTL Today do not recommend exceeding your limits.