The 2020 Michelin Guide to Luxembourg and Belgium is out. Mosconi restaurant may have lost one star but the Grand Duchy still boasts eight restaurants with one star and one restaurant with two stars.

The 2020 Michelin Guide left a sour taste in the mouth of restaurant Mosconi in the Grund district of Luxembourg City: the Italian restaurant lost one of its prestigious Michelin stars.

The Ma Langue Sourit restaurant in Moutfort, on the other hand, kept its two Michelin stars - becoming the only restaurant in Luxembourg with this achievement to its name. The owner and head-chef of the restaurant received his first Michelin star 10 years ago.

After the closure of the Toit pour toi restaurant in Schouweiler, there are still eight Luxembourgish restaurants boasting one star:

Mosconi, Clairefontaine, La Cristallerie, Les Jardins d'Anaïs in Luxembourg City,

Fani in Roeser,

La Distillerie in Burglinster,

Lea Linster in Frisange,

Guillou Campagne in Schouweiler.