Luxembourg's Eurovision representative TALI spoke with Today Radio's Melissa Dalton on Thursday about her whirlwind couple of weeks.

Appearing on The Home Stretch, the singer-songwriter spoke about her experiences of winning the Luxembourg Song Contest back in January.

23-year-old Tali Golergant grew up in Luxembourg but is now primarily based in New York, where she leads her own music group. She showcased her songwriting prowess by penning her debut single at just 16 years old.

Now, she's going to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world: Eurovision.

Melissa got the lowdown on what was going through Tali's head when she was announced as the winner and how sweat-proof her costume was.

Tali also discussed her plans for the next few months including letting us in on some secrets about her performance at the semi-finals in May.

Melissa finished up the interview on Today Radio with one of Tali's songs from her EP that she created with Francis of Delirium's lead singer Jana.

You can listen to the full interview below.