The Court of Charlotte is now in session, and will resolve disputes small and large, once and for all.

Does your partner refuse to put the peeler in the right kitchen drawer (or are you annoyed to bits by their insisting that there is a 'right' drawer)? Does your friend refuse to accept that Brosnan is the best Bond there has ever been (or fail to appreciate that Craig is better)? Do you and your mum disagree fundamentally on the importance of wearing matching socks? Are you in an eternal battle with your brother as to whether dibs or age takes priority in terms of who gets to ride shotgun in the car? Do you need your aunt to accept, once and for all, the waffles are not a soft cookie, but a different food category altogether?

Perhaps you feel you have the right to use your neighbour's pool due to the noise you have to endure as their children splash about, and your neighbour disagrees? We could keep going, but the point is that whatever your disagreement is, and whomever it is with, the Court of Charlotte is here to settle your disputes once and for all. All rulings are legally binding* and must be adhered to. Let justice be rendered once and for all!

Do you have a case to present to the Court? Simply fill out this form, and your case will be sent directly to the court clerk. Once submitted, Charlotte may just provide a ruling as part of RTL Today's commitment to justice and familial, neighbourly, and communal peace.

*Rulings not actually legally binding, but sticking to them makes you a good person (hopefully). Rulings not to be seen as legal advice. The Court of Charlotte is not a substitute for actual court. The Court cannot issue arrest warrants. The Court will not impose imprisonments or financial punishment, unless payable from one party of the case to the other. Financial compensation orders cannot be legally enforced. All rulings final, unless the Court reconsiders, which it might. All arguments will be taken into account. In instances of disagreement, the Court may defer to public opinion. All rulings heavily impacted by subjective bias.