Dr. Laurent Malisoux of the Luxembourg Institute of Health joined Melissa to talk about a recent study revealing the average Luxembourg resident is inactive around 12 hours per day.

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In the fourth edition, Melissa spoke with Dr. Laurent Malisoux, a sports scientist with a multidisciplinary background, about sedentary lifestyles and why the subject merits more research.

In a recent study conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Health, researchers examined sedentary activity through a variety of indicators. The benefits of physical activity including mental health and prevention of diseases have widely been investigated and supported through scientific evidence.  Research on sedentary behaviour however is much more recent, which is why the study by LIH is vital to understanding potential long-term benefits and risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Because sedentary activity is so under-researched, Dr. Malisoux is cautious when drawing conclusions, however he highlighted that two-thirds of jobs in Luxembourg are sedentary and that 25% of sedentary activity is accumulated in periods of more than 1 hour.

While Laurent explained that every individual is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for reducing sedentary activity, he stressed what is important is to set goals that are reachable and sustainable.

For example:

  • Leave the bus one stop earlier 
  • Use the stairs
  • Plan regular breaks throughout your day 
  • Invest in a standing desk

If you want to hear Dr. Malisoux's most exciting discovery from the study (it has to do with the difference between men and women) make sure to listen to the complete interview here on RTL Play or via the player below!

An Apple A Day: Dr. Laurent Malisoux

You can learn more about the Luxembourg Institute of Health and their research projects via their website. 


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