Greek comedian Katerina Vrana is bringing her sell out show "Staying Alive (I nearly died, you know)", to Luxembourg and the rest of Europe.

RTL Today Radio's Melissa Dalton spoke with comedian Katerina Vrana on The Home Stretch about her life and how it inspired her stand-up show she's now taking on tour across Europe.

Katerina who came third in the Laugh's Factory's international competition "Funniest person in the World" in 2016, fell gravely ill during a trip to Malaysia in 2017. The whole experience, according to her, was genuinely funny to the point where she said "I don't even have to try to make this funny." Following her illness, Katerina dedicated time to rehabilitation, focusing on movement, eyesight and speech, which she continues to this day.

The comedian spoke with Melissa about her trials and tribulations with the incessant boredom that goes along with daily physio (she is "livid" at having to exercise daily), how most castles she wants to visit don't have elevators and how during her initial illness, her mother cared more about her looks than if she survived. Despite her long recuperation following her illness, Katerina says she "never, not once, considered that I would not go back to stand up".

On top of being a comedian, Katerina is an avid breakfast food lover, but you'll have to listen to the interview to find out which dish Melissa is convinced she'll love.

Katerina is hilarious and we can't do her any justice through the written word, so make sure to listen to the full interview here on RTL Play or via the player below.

Katerina Vrana on RTL Today Radio

Katerina will be taking her show "Staying Alive (I nearly died you know)" on her first comedic tour since falling ill in 2017, and will be making her way to the Centre Culturel Altrimenti on 12 February.