The non-profit Music:LX has launched three new support programmes to help musicians improve their craft.

Music:LX has been supporting Luxembourgish musicians and bands domestically and abroad for over ten years already. Nowadays, their support is more valuable than ever, which is why the non-profit has decided to launch three new support programmes alongside the already existing subsidies.

The Composition & Songwriting Support helps artists compose new songs by offering participation in workshops or song writing camps.

The Global Budget Grant offers musicians the possibility to submit their application for a grant of €15,000. This is a global grant, which is supposed to give the artist more flexibility in their work. Music:LX's director, Giovanni Trono, explained that this support programme compiled all their other support offers and included additional benefits, such as a support to go on business trips, or the possibility to participate in important professional events.

This is also the only support to come with a deadline: The support is granted to one musician per music style per year. Due to the value of the grant, it is also the only support programme involving a jury choosing a musician to benefit from it.

The third support programme is called Support for Local Structures. This is a new type of support, which is not granted to individual artists, but rather to the industry surrounding them.

This programme is supposed to allow musicians to meet new partners and fellow artists, as well as support the promotion of existing structures and facilitate the participation in conferences, workshops, or consulting sessions.

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Music:LX has also adapted its Promo & Marketing offers as well as their digital support programmes. Among other things, the non-profit now also offers support in the management of a musician's social media accounts.

The subsidies and support programmes are all aimed at local artists.