Inspired by the punk rock scene, and bands like The Offspring, Green Day, NOFX and many others Pascal is not for the mainstream way of life.

“Rebellux” formed out of the passion Pascal had for the guitar and in 2006 the band's very first punk rock gig was played.

The punk rock scene began to get larger in Lux and in Arlon and “de Pascal vu Wooltz” became a permanent brand due to him having come from the small town of Wiltz.

vu Wooltz went one way and the band another, continuing under the name “Weakonstruction”.

Since then Pascal has played over 100 shows over the last years gaining more popularity and getting a part of the whole music scene in Luxembourg and the wider region, popping up in Berlin and pther capitals.

You can catch many of his tracks on Youtube, but the to experience 'the real thing' is to catch the full on energy of the live show.

In this Livestream Pascal blends new and old songs and really wants your interaction in all languages... "I don't care", he told RTL Today, "I'll do them all."

Saturday 23 May, Facebook Live - 8pm.