Recorded at Impala Sound Mixed & mastered by Billy Kauffman (additional mixing by Tom Gatti) the 14-minute psych/prog/space epic was released at midnight 12/13/11/19.

Clearly not designed for those who aim to throw as much reggaeton at things as is humanly possible, this track is a slow building, woozy, wind through twisting sonic soundscapes.

The accompanying video, directed by Nina Bodry, is just as mind boggling, a Ribbon Monster (Threaded Druid) beams in about out of woodland, skate parks and the such while seemingly indulging in a bit of a shiny thing fetish.

In a nod to Wes Anderson, perhaps, there are odd frames of people watch through binoculars, (fake) fur hats and other such strangeness.

The whole piece is so lovingly idiosyncratic you have to wonder where they came up with the idea.

TCBP will be playing this year's Sonic Visions festival, info about which can be found here.